lost my tank, but back at it now! sump or no sump

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Aug 24, 2004
Its been a while since i have posted on here. I had a huge power outage at my place and lost every fish and coral in my tank:( Who would think that power would be out for 6 days (we live in the city) and the house was down to 32 degrees at night. anyways, I have the tank up and going again and everything is looking good. As of now i have a Eheim filter that i just use for carbon because of all the live rock. Do any of you think that a refuge is worth going too. I have read on them a lot and sounds like a lot of fun. The tank is obviously not predrilled, so i would have to use overflows. I have heard that if you loose power that you will have a mess on your hand, is this true? Thanks, trying to get back into it and this sounds like a fun project. What is an estimated cost with building on?
sorry for the long post!
I'd say a sump is always a plus for your tank, so I'd vote go for it. As far as a power outage making a mess, it'll only overflow if you set it up so that water continues to drain once the return pump stops pumping. Assuming you dont do that, and you shouldnt, then if the return stops, the whole system just stops.

You can either buy a pre-made sump/fuge for like $300+ or make your own for prolly more like $50-$100 depending on how big you go. All you really need is a tank, some glass panels for separators, and some aquarium sealant.

heres a link to a DIY sump
Glad to hear you asre starting up again. I also suggest using a sump if you can. They have many great benefits.
thank ya 2,

Agnate great post on diy sump. Looking forward too starting it now. It may take a little while but i will post pictures as i go.
I agree the sump is a great idea. The added water volume will help out alot. As far as a mess when the power cuts off it will only drain down to the top of the overflow.
The issue is not drain back the issue is if your overflow looses prime when the pumps come back on. If it lost prime then it will not drain back to the sump and all the water in the sump gets pumped into the tank and overflows. Thats the problem as I have been told it by folks who use a over flow box. I vote for a sump/fuge... worth the money and as long as you keep the air build up out of the OF box it will work fine.
I'll add my voice for the Sump/fuge! I run a sump and a fuge seperately from one another (dual sump system) and I love having the extra water volume and the home for pods. I'm in the process of making a 5g pod breeder as a fuge that will be above my tank to help add pods to the tank.

Go with the fuge, the possibility of overflowing the tank can be taken care of. As for keeping your U'tubes going there are ways to do that (remove the air that is). Extra water volume is a very good thing!!!
Sump is good as well as a fuge. I am curious as to the filtration you currently use. Other than the carbon only cannister do you have any other filtration besides the LR? I ask because you had corals but didn't mention any other filtration such as a skimmer.
I had two cannister filters when my tank was full. I had n eheim and a fluval. The eheim ran as a regular filter and the fluval was just for carbon. After my tank crashed i cleared it out and am only running the eheim filter which it does have some media but i change the carbon out monthly.
I have 3 green chromis in a 90 gal tank with 180 lbs of LR, didnt think i would need to much filtration right at this moment. + i do a 10% water change weekly. and run a hang on back seaclone skimmer, which needs to be replaced to something new.

Is this a good deal for a sump?

Alright i have a whole new game plan in effect. I ended up going to my lfs and bought a 90 gal predrilled with sump for $200. Great price! The sump does not have a skimmer, any recommendations. I will be setting it up next week and moving all the LR and LS to the new tank. I will add some pics when i get it. the tank was one of there floor models so its a little beat up but nothing some sanding wont take care of.
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