low / no light corals

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steve r

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Oct 9, 2004
kenosha wisconsin
has anyone tried to keep a chili cactus ( Nephthyigorgia ) or a sun coral. any words of wisdom? i have a couple of overhangs and caves i built into the aquascaping for theses corals. i really like them both. how about any other low / no light corals. i do realise they need to be feed 100 percent.

steve r
I have heard that sun corals are a hardy coral, as long as you have the time to target feed them 3 times per week. They are filter feeders and every polyp must be target fed individually, but other than the feeding requirements, they are very hardy and woul be perfect under an overhang.

i didnt know that every polyp must be fed. good info. i will look for a small one with out a ton of polyps 8)

steve r
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