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May 27, 2009
I am building my first real tank in almost 10 years (have had a beta for a
few years but that doesn't count).
What I have is a custom tank that is 9-10 gallons that is approximately 15Lx12Wx12H.
I have 3 main concerns here
1 quiet
2 no splashing water
3 small, low profile, hard to see, this is the key problem here, I need to
be able to see through the tank without seeing a bulky filter.
10 years ago I had a biowheel filter, won't work here because of 1,2 above
I was thinking of an UGF but have heard a lot of bad things about UGF.
Read about box filters, looked good until i realized the media would be very
I don't think sponge filter will provide enough filtration
I like the internal filters but I need to be able to hide it. What I have seen
at my LFS are just simply to big.
The last alternative I can see is a canister filter.
The problem I see with these is the smallest I can find is for a 30g, I
know one can go a little bigger than needed but 3 times bigger is that
too much?
Can I remote it? ie place the canister a few feet below the aquarium(out
of sight) with just the intake and return tubes in the tank?

Edit: I plan on stocking it with zebra danio.
Is a canister filter the best option, can anyone recommend something else, or am I completely missing something?
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If you can hide it, you can use a sponge filter. They provide a lot more filtration than they get credit for. I ran multiple heavily stocked breeding tanks (5-20G) with nothing else. A canister filter would be an option as well. The only limitation would be flow which you could divert to the back if needed. Undergravel would work too. Do a search on RUGF setups.
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