Marineland Heater Alert- Stealth and Stealth Pro's Recalled

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Sep 24, 2009
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E-mail that was sent to a fellow member on another forum.

"February 11, 2011

Dear Valued PetSmart Pet Parent,

Marineland has issued a voluntary withdrawal of the Stealth PRO Submersible Heater (100, 200 and 250 watt). The product is being withdrawn due to a quality issue.

If you have this product, please stop using it immediately and take the following steps:

1. Unplug the heater from the wall to stop the flow of electricity
2. Let the heater cool for 15 minutes
3. Remove the heater from the tank

Please bring the product to your closest PetSmart for a full refund or exchange. Replace the product with a comparable heater as soon as possible to maintain the temperature of your aquarium. A PetSmart store associate can help you select the right heater for your aquatic environment.

If you have questions about this withdrawal, please call Marineland Customer Service at 800-526-0650 or 800-432-6986.

At PetSmart, we are concerned pet parents, too. We will continue to do everything we can to help you and your pet during this time.


Debbie Gonzalez
Vice President, Brand and Customer Marketing
Weird, there is nothing on its official website. They are still advertising them...

I saw another posting on AA similar to this today but didn't read it. I'll look for it now.
The guy also posted this:

FYI: Picked up this info in a few different places today... seems as though there may be a voluntary recall on the following: Marineland Stealth PRO Submersible Heater 100, 200 and 250 watt. I understand this to be separate from some similar issues that occurred last spring. I did check out the the website but nothing shows there...
Interesting. I am going to see what I can find out. That is what I do for a living :)
Let me know! I have 5-6 Marineland Stealth Pro's and if I need to take them back I am going to. I don't want my bettas cooking or freezing!
Well, the site won't accept my email address, says its invalid.

I can try a phone call tomorrow, but may or may not get through as it is Sunday. Might have to wait until Monday. Or I can try calling PetSmart in Anchorage tomorrow as a staring point.
I am so glad you posted this, dkpate! Thank you!

I have a Stealth PRO Submersible Heater 200 watt and recently I noticed that the temp has been fluctuating. I don't believe it was doing this when I first installed it a few months ago, but it has been gradually getting worse. I'm sure that's why it's being recalled.

Well, I guess it looks like I'll be heading to the LFS tomorrow. :(

EDIT: If anyone feels froggy to call Marineland, their customer number, (printed on my instruction sheet), is (800) 322-1266
Yeah Mudraker, let me know what ANC says.
I think I am just going to go down to mine tomorrow, I need more Prime anyway, I'll let everyone know what I find out too.

When I looked up the heaters, it showed most Pro's as the ones with the red light/green light, but I have 2 that have just the red dials, so I think I am just going to take them all.
This is really weird.

Not ten minutes ago there was a similar post four below this one. I just went to link it to this thread and it has now totally disappeared, vanished.
It was here under hardware. It is now gone. It was posted by a noob, name was not a real word but started with an A if I remember right.

High5 on no salt.
I just did a google search and the only thing that pops up are a bunch of fish forums discussing this recall. I would think if it was a legit recall, something would be mentioned on a site other than fish message boards.

Regardless if the recall is legit or not, I'm getting uncomfortable w/ my heater having issues and I had planned on replacing it anyway, so I'm still going to my LFS tomorrow.

I'm very curious to learn if this recall is truly legit or if it's just some hoax to make everyone panic and run to their LFS just to make them look like idiots. Afterall, news on fish forums travel fast...
The ones you are seeing on Google are from May of last year. This is a new one that was sent in an e-mail to a fellow forum member from PetSmart.
I just kind of smell a potential rat because by law, recalls have to be notified by US mail, not email.

Plus, why has no one else who has a warranty on a stealth recieved this?
The ones you are seeing on Google are from May of last year. This is a new one that was sent in an e-mail to a fellow forum member from PetSmart.

I saw those at first, but then I refined my search to only show the "Past Week" and it showed 49 results.
I found RUMOURS of a stealth recall on other forums going back as far as Feb. of last year...
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