Marineland Heater Alert- Stealth and Stealth Pro's Recalled

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I have a 250, and I have noticed temp fluctuations and the knob sticks.

I rally don't want to go back to pets mart, You know I'll spend more money.

Thanks for the update.
...I see folks recommend the Eheim -Jager heaters. What model is the fully submersible one? I see folks using the term EBO, I also see they have a new "TS" version. I also see at another local place fish store on the Jager heaters a "sticker" placed on outside of boxes "fully submersible" UL approved" ---the sticker seems like they updated old stock with an updated sticker.
Is "EBO" just a part of the company name? Eheim Ebo-Jager heaters? Is "TS" the model I want?

I'm one who is definitely recommending the Ebo Jager TS heaters. I've had two in my tank now for nearly a year and am really happy with them. The confusing name brand of the heaters is due to the company's history. They were originally Jager, then became Ebo-Jager after a buyout, then became Eheim Ebo-Jager after Eheim bought them out.

The "TS" model is the newest fully submersible, UL approved model. The story I'd heard about the earlier models that were not advertised as submersible was that while they were actually designed to be submersible and plenty of people used them that way, they did NOT have UL approval as a "submersible heater". From my understanding, Ebo-Jager just never went through the hoops and submitted it for UL approval.

It's possible that by now they've submitted it to UL for approval (and paid the fees!), and received approval to label it as "submersible"... hence the stickers. Just an educated guess on my part though... nothing for sure.

Regarding the validity of the Marineland recall... I see there's a copy of a Marineland memo to distributors over on ReefBuilders that confirms the previous info about a recall. And on United Pet Group/Marineland's website, when you click on the "heaters" section, you won't find any mention of the Stealths... all you see are the Visi-Therms. However, there is absolutely no mention of a recall - which by the memo on RB says is "voluntary". Voluntary recalls won't be listed on any governmental/FTC website because they haven't been mandated.
Thanks Kurt, I think I might go with the Eheim's too. I have 5 heaters to take back to PetSmart Issaquah here in a bit. Hope I don't have to have the packaging, since I threw it all away when I moved! I should just stay a hoarder I guess, and stop listening to the hubs. LOL

EDIT: Are the Visi-Therms being recalled too?!?! Lawd, I have to take ALL my heaters back!
I called Marieland this morning and they said that they are not pulling a recap in the heaters. That only petsmart was. They told me that they did indeed pulled them all off the shelf due to an inspection that they were running on the product. The lady also told me that if I have any concerns due to petsmarts recall I could send in my old heater for a new one or a refund. I'm just going to go wig the refund. Because my marineland heater right now fluctuates too much. It's causing my fish to stress out. What heater so you guys recommend?

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Well, I just talked to a girl from PetSmart on the phone, and she seemed to think they were only taking the heaters with the red/green indicator light...I only have one of those, and it crapped out a long time ago.
Yeah... from what I've read, it's the "Stealth PRO" heaters. Those are the ones with the red/green light built in to the thermostat knob. The plain black ones - with no indicator lights at all - are the original "Stealth" heaters, and not the "Stealth PRO". The original ones... the ones with no indicator lights, are good stuff, in my opinion.
I just looked on their website, and they don't even have the Stealth Pro's listed, only the Visi-Therms. o_O
I have had one with just the red dial poop out on me, but the indicator light one went out about 3 weeks after they sent it to me as a replacement for the Visi-Therm that overheated. I didn't call them because I thought they would think I was scamming them with all the heater problems! :(

I just got off the phone with Petco and they are also accepting returns of the Marineland Stealth Pro heaters. No original package/receipt is needed for the return and they will issue a store credit.

So... I will definitely be stopping by there after work. While I'm there, I may just need to pick up a few additional items. Heh. ;)

I was looking at getting the Aqueon Pro Heater to replace this heater which is full of fail. It appears to be fairly similar to the Stealth Pro models as I believe it has the indicator light too. I'm also going to pick up a digital thermometer so I can keep better tabs on temp fluctuations in the future.

If you have these heaters, you might want to be on the safe side and exchange them.
Just dropped my heater at petsmart. Got a new heater and some cash. They knew all about it.
I got $39.99 back for the heater, my new heater was $34.99, so I got $5 cash. All I took in was the heater and it's suction cups, I didn't even buy it from there and had no receipt. I just mentioned heater and she said "Marineland?"
Mine was the 250w model. She had a sheet of paper with the refund prices on... Just wanted to add that. :)
Took mine back tonight and they issued me a gift card for $40 +/-. I didn't even realize I paid that much for it. lol Also, correction; mine was the 250, (I don't know what made me think I had the 200).

Anyway, I got into a little trouble and spent an additional $35 on top of the giftcard. :D I ended up going w/ the Aqueon Submersible (200 watts). I never really cared for the clear glass heaters, but their selection was pretty lame. I installed it and it's working just fine. The temp dial is really easy to turn too.

Oh and I got more fishies, (they're in my QT). :D
Drs Foster and Smith sent me this notification today

February 15, 2011

We're contacting you with important news about your Marineland Stealth PRO Heater. Marineland is investigating quality issues involving the Stealth PRO Submersible Heater line, and out of an abundance of caution, they have stopped selling 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 watt models. If you have questions about this stop sale or to return these heaters under your Marineland warrantees, please call Marineland Customer Service at 800-338-4896.

Please stop using it immediately and take the following steps:

Unplug the heater from the wall to stop the flow of electricity
Let the heater cool for 15 minutes
Remove the heater from the tank
As a valued customer, your satisfaction is our priority and we would like to offer a replacement or refund for the heater you purchased from us.
Our team of Aquatic Specialists recommends the Marineland Visi-Therm Heaters or Fluval M Submersible Heaters as appropriate substitutes

Please contact Foster & Smith Aquatics Customer Service at 1-800-443-1160 at your earliest convenience to arrange the proper return and exchange/refund of your Marineland Stealth PRO Submersible Heater.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please let us help you continue to enjoy your favorite hobby for many years to come!

Customer Care Team,
Foster and Smith Aquatics
Especially if it breaks and you have to have them send you one!
If you DO go through Marineland for a new heater, make sure you include the model # and every other number that is listed on the side of the heater, it makes processing MUCH faster, and you don't have to go back and forth with e-mails.
But what sucks is that If I want to go through marineland I'll have to buy a heater anyways. My fish can't go with out one.

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