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May 16, 2002
This post will be used for new members to post a little bit about themselves and their tanks.

Since I am the mod I will start first.

I live in Staunton VA and I am interested in both freshwater and saltwater. I have been in the aquarium hobby since 1996. Currently I have 3 tanks running in my home.

20 Gal saltwater
29 Gal freshwater
80 Gal saltwater
My wife and I moved to Augusta WV back in the spring of 96 we have been into fresh and saltwater aquariums since the mid 80's. We have had just about every size and shape of aquarium from 5gal up to 180 gal. fresh water, salt water and reef. We mostly kept cichlids in our fresh water tanks and triggers in our salt tanks. Before we moved we had a 75 gal reef aquarium which we sold due to the move. We are also into outdoor water gardens and koi ponds. We have just set up a new 180 gal reef tank in our new home.

We currently have a 3000 gal garden pond, 5000 gal Koi pond and the new 180 gal reef aquarium.

see our koi pond

I live in Harrisonburg, VA and I have a 200 gallon Reef ready tank with a 75 gallon refugium. I have been in the aquarium hobby since 1985 and "reefing" since 1998. My tank has a Deep sand bed (made up of SOUTHDOWN CHEAP SAND) and a reverse lighted refugium. Lighting consist of 3X175 MH lighting with 2X160 VHO.

If anyone need to trade anything I am open. If anyone wants to learn how to grow their on Pytoplankton, I would love to show (this is the same stuff DT's are and it saves you BIG $$$$$) Also have tons of Macro (grape, feather and spagetti) and have some frags to trade!!!

CHECK OUT MY WEBPAGE!!!! Click on the marine life and it will open some thumbnails.

Wow you got alot of albums up there.

All your photos are great. Thanks for sharing them.
New guy

Hey I am new also. I live in the Port Republic/Cross Key area. I have lived here since 1970. I have a 125 gallon reef tank that I have had up since 1999. Also a 90 gallon tank with a start up idea two years ago and no money at my office.

Hey guys I have star polyps and mushrooms if anyone needs any.
Randy Harper :D
hello fellow reefers;
i live in staunton va, right up the road from fishfreek, and we often particpate in local events and try to stay in touch even with our busy lives. :roll:

i have been into aquariums since 2001 but had some experience about 10 or 15 years ago. i currently have 90 gal reef with a 20 gal sump and with a lot of differant veriety of fish and corals.

i also have tried hatching brine shrimp if anyone would like some input. :D
Hi I like in Charlottesville, as a graduate student at UVA. I have been keeping a saltwater tank now for a little over a year. My 29gal has quickly lost most real estate and eyeing an upgrade soon.

Looking forawrd to meeting some people at the next meeting.
Nice to have you. Look forward to meeting you. I dont think I can make the next meeting though. :(

What are you studiing?
Greetings neighbors!!!!

Just got into the hobby in the last 2 months. I live in Weyers Cave with my wife and son. So far I have a 75 gal reef. only 25 lbs. of live rock (will be changing that in the next few days). Currently have a firefish and a cleaner wrasse in QT, which are doing very well. As for inverts: Red brittle star, 7 scarlet tipped hermits, 5 turbo snails, 1 peppermint shrimp, and 1 coral banded shrimp. Plan to get a fuge soon. Lighting stinks, but will be adding PC lighting within the next few weeks. Taking it slow so I get things right the first time. All advise is more than welcome.
Welcome SRepking.

Sounds like you have the start of a nice setup. Hope you can make our next meeting. I think its scheduled for the end of April.
My display tank is a 92 gallon All-Glass Aquariums corner tank (curved front), started 29-May-99. LR, LS, Berlin skimmer powered by a Mag 7 with modified Mazzi injector. Circulation provided by a Maxi-jet 1000 on a Osci-Wave wave maker in addition to a fan-shaped return nozzle and a Mag 2 in the opposite corner from the Osci-Wave. Lighting is 3x175W 10,000K MH in a DIY hood with Ice-Cap variable speed fans on a 12-hour cycle. I just added two 55w Powewr Compacts for actinic. The refugium is a 20 gallon tank divided into 3 sections lit on alternate cycle to the halides. I also use my DIY calcium reactor and my DIY Nilsen kalkwasser reactor. I have just about everything automated including top-off.

See my tank and DIY pages at

Hello Hello

I’m new around here, but I’ve been fish keeping for years. I am quite partial to goldfish, but I’ve got an assortment of other fish that have a lot of personality. I am an armature photographer, and my fish are great subjects.
Hi everyone. New here, both to this group and AA.

I'm in Ashburn, VA (10 minutes from the Dulles Airport) and while I've done some fish tanks in the past, I consider myself pretty much a newb. We always had tanks as a kid, multiple tanks, freshwater, saltwater, we had seahorses, lobsters, and arowana. Basically, you name it, at one time or another we had it. I've always loved it. Probably because of that, I love the water, especially the ocean, and scuba is one of my other hobbies.

Since I've grown up (physically, not necessarily in attitude haha) I helped my daughter setup a 12 gallon eclipse tank that we successfully maintained for well over a year, but had to tear down to move. I've been wanting and wanting, and finally this past Christmas my wife got me a 46 gallon bowfront. Gorgeous tank, and I think a very good way to get myself into this a bit more. Setting it up freshwater, and currently about 1/2 through my fishless cycle (see my thread in the FW - getting started section for details (and to help!)). Eventually, I desire to do a Reef system, but that's definately a ways down the road yet.

Anyways, wanted to introduce myself and thank everyone for this great forum!

Hi....My online name is real name is Jeff and I don't have any salt tanks right now, but have been keeping fish of all kinds since 1972. Right now I have 9 tanks up and running. The smallest is a 10 gallon...the largest is a 125 gallon. I currently have a breeding pair of Brichardi Cichlids, Angels, Discus, Cardinals, Rummynose, Pristella Tetras, and lots of Plecos. I have several breeding pairs of Bristlenose (brown and albino) and I have a young group of L-333's that I am hoping will spawn over the winter. I live in central Pa about 30 miles from Penn State University. I call it a wife calls it my addiction!
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