metronidazole..can I buy this at PetSmart or Petco?

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Sep 11, 2006
My Betta appears to be showing signs of Hexamita...can I buy this at one of these places? First Petsmart I called had no idea what it is (either)
You can get metronidazole in Jungle Parasite Clear tabs, along with Praziquantel. Else, I don't think my local petsmart (no petco around here) carries it.
Thanks so much! I will get some tonight on the way home...I hope it is not too late for him...poop was nothing but a fuzzy white string. Hopefully this stuff will clear it up...I suppose I should stop the Fungus Clear medication as it appears that is not is what is making him sick

They may have Hikari's Metro+, which you can use to soak food in (if he's still eating). You can also use it to treat the tank, but I would go with the Jungle Parasite Clear instead. The Metro+ does not dissolve very well in water. I used it to treat my Demasoni tank for bloat, but I ddn't think it worked very well. I did 2 treatments with the Parasite Clear over a 3 day period and it cleared right up without losing any fish.
Not to sound gross but he took a really big dump today...I mean it was huge! I have no idea how it came out of him but can I take this as a sign that the Parasite Clear is working? He still is not eating and very lethargic. I will give him another dose tonight (first one was on Tuesday night) after a 25% water change. I use a 1/4 tablet ...says 1 tablet for every 10 gallons He looks awful :(

I'm thinking anout taking out all his gravel..I don't vaccuum it..I just use a turkey baster to suck out filter either..I just change water about 40% twice a week. 2.5 gallon Bow tank

If you bought the 2.5 gallon bow in the kit, it should come with a filter... I'd put that one, but don't run the carbon in the filter cartridge (it will soak the meds right up). Clean water can go a long way in making a sick fish healthy, and it will be water for the water quality in the long run as well. I'd also look into getting a small gravel vaccum. You can get the mini one at walmart for about $4. It would work perfect on your tank. Try that (filter and water changes) and keep medicating. Simply with cleaner water it might perk up a lot more.

FWIW, your betta doesn't look like it is suffering from Heximita at all. And just for reference, is this a male betta or a female? Did it used to have long flowing fins, or were they always that short?
Well I thought I was told and read that some of the symptoms of heximita was white long stringy poop? He has been having that for a few weeks...this pic I took this morning was the first time he has pooped in over a week

He had beautiful fins until fin rot took its toll.(Male) He was in a 5.5 Eclipse tank with a biowheel and that is when all the fin rot started. I moved hin in the bow tank and treated him with Jungle fungus clear and that stopped the rot for a bit but now even with water changes every few days his fins look awful again

I had that filter in there but it was noisy and seemed to stress the fish ....

He doesn't eat...his anus looks swollen with what looks like fish poop on the outside...basially he is a mess

Any ideas??? He was flaring at his food a few weeks ago and suddenly he stooped eating and his feces were white long strings
If I put that filter that came with the tank back in and dont run the filter media in ther, what will that accomplish? Not being wise, just trying to understand...he isn't responding to any meds or eating at all :(
Long stringy feces is usually an indicator of internal parasites in general. The metro and praziquantel should help with that.

If it has stopped eating, that's not too good a sign. :( Doesn't mean he can't recover though. If it were me...I'd put the filter in. Set it on the lowest setting you can and run it. I'd run it with the filter cartridge in,minus any carbon that is in it. If you don't run the filter media, you might as well not run it at all, if you know what I mean?

Hope he pulls through. Keep up with the medicine and water changes.
yeah...I think he isn't gonna make it due to not eating anymore...I can't remember the last time he ate....what cartridge can I get for that filter that doesn't have carbon? I thought they all had carbon
Those whisper cartridges usually have the cotton, and then a bag of carbon that you add yourself. If yours is already made up (which is, if you got it with the tank) just pop the top thing off the cartridges and dump the carbon out.
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