missing goby!

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Sep 12, 2004
i was checking out my tank last night and i noticed that i didn't see my goby anywhere. i took out every rock and looked in the filters, skimmer boxes, etc and could not find that darn guy. could my rose anemone have swallowed him up? i didn't find any fish pieces or any evidence that the other livestock got him. :cry:
Maybe he is in the LR.

I have a Shrimp Goby that I almost never see. He is always in the LR somewhere.
I occasionally see him during a feeding.

could it be possible he died and your Clean up crew finished him off?
What kind of goby? How long have you had it? Have you tried feeding to see if the goby will pop out?
if my cleanup crew ate him, i must have really not noticed that the little guy was missing. man, i took out EVERYTHING to look for him. (my tank isn't that big and i don't have a bunch of corals)
it's pretty unusual for him to be hiding like this. he's normally pretty social which is unusual for a goby. (he's a diamond goby)
i'll keep an eye out for him in case he's just being a super sleuth.
This summer, while my nephew was visiting, we had been admiring my scooter blenny - cute little guys. One morning I noticed that he was nowhere to be found. As we sat down for breakfast my nephew said, " I know where Scooter is!" Yes , Jake? Where? " The anemone is eating him." Sure 'nough... he was. 8O I never even found bones.
You do realize that a mandarin needs about 100 lbs of live rock, with a seriously large supply of pods, to survive...right?
(assuming we're thinking of the same mandarian, like a green mandarian 'dragon' or a psycedelic mandarian?)
woaw! hold on here!


Think twice about the Mandarin. I read a statistic that said that 98% of mandrins will starve in captivity. They only eat copopods and it usually takes several years for a large aquarium to build up enough to support this fish. They are pretty, but they are better left in the ocean.

Your golby could be in the rocks or it could have "flown the coop" have you checked the floor? Gobys are notorious jumpers.

Also, I don't think its wise to be taking out all your rock to try and find him. You could end up harming more than you are helping.

with all that said: Welcome to aquarium advice!!! :smilecolros:
I've had 2 gobies jump the tank on me...they are definitely notorious jumpers. These both made it out with covers on the tank.
i read up on the mandaren. definately not the fish for me.
i got a lawnmower blenny instead. we'll see how it works out.
thanks for all the help!!

Sorry to hear about the lost goby, that's a bummer! But at least you'll get to try out a new fish - I lost a clown (after about 2 1/2 months) about 2 weeks ago, it's always sad.

Enjoy the new guy!
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