Monterey Bay Aquarium

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Monterey Bay Aquarium is BY FAR the best aquarium I've ever been to. Great pics... now I wanna go back. :D
Wow - great pics! The hairy crab looks pretty scary!

In the post with the elephant seal - is the first picture (all the blue things) the jellyfish tentacles? I've never seen jellyfish like that! What luck to find a seal on the beach!

The wedding pic is great - gorgeous dress and background - you guys look very happy! You and your family will treasure that picture :) Congrats!
The elephant seals are all over the beach hundreds of them. Also sea otters and such are everywhere up and down the coast there. You can see them all the time.

The blue things are jellyfish tentacles. The monteray bay aquarium has by far the most extravagent jellyfish displays I have ever seen at least a dozen species of jellyfish.
I didn't know that about the elephant seals and the otters. It's been (I won't say how many years! :) ) since I've been to the Pacific Ocean - when I was still in college and the only beach I think I went to was Venice Beach.

Those jellyfish are amazing and the public aquariums that I have been to haven't had a display like that.
Awesome pics and congrats!
I used to live there.
I know I am late (been off the computer for a while) but wanted to say congratulations on your wedding (you look so happy in your photo and a big thumbs up on the Monerrey Bay aquarium. I used to live nearby and LOVED visiting there. :)
I agree, the jellyfish are awesome there. :) I also love the kelp forest.... :)
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