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Hey guys i finally got that moorish idol for my tank man it is so awesome, people told me that i would have problems because my tank is only a 20 gallon but it is going great so far. Just wanted to share the good news have a great day.
Are you just kidding? I hope? 8O

Welcome to AA though... I hope that was a little bit of a joke there.
PLEASE tell me you don't have a morish idol in a twenty gallon tank. They are hard enough to keep in captivity the way it is. Let alone a 2o gallon tank. If this is the case i would take it back to the fish store right away.
If this is true and you love fish as your name says, please take it back. It will most certainly perish in a 20 gallon.
I hope this is a troll.
And shame on the lfs that sold it to them.
Heh if you think your moorish idol is doing well you ought to see my black tip reef shark in my 10 gal nano. Its amazing how well he adjusted to life in captivity. :roll:
LOL now we know you are kidding six-line. But funny. Just hope no one thinks you are serious and does what you said.
While nothing wong was said and done by any of our members, I locked this topic, cause someone just wanted attention, well they won't get it here ;)
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