Moss Balls/Marimo Balls (Cladophora aegagropila)

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Jun 14, 2003
Bristol, Pa
Anyone have any experience with these? I have always been intruiged by them, and I think it would go well in my 20 gallon tank. I think they look neat and from the research I have been doing, they "help" control algae by using up the same nutrients as the other kinds of algae that grows in tanks.

Thoughts - good, bad, etc?

I had one a while back........the only thing I didn't like about it was that it never stayed put very long.
Always moving around the tank with the current......other than that.......they are very unique and definately an eye catcher.
I have a couple.....they always move around the tank with the current. Also they where hard and tightly packed when I bought them but after a few months they started to loosen up a bit and one broke apart on me. I have no idea why? they are pretty cool though.

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