Most Aggressive Fish?

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Apr 10, 2024
Paranaque City Philippines
What is the most aggressive fish that can potentially live with the giant snakehead and my other fish,?? that are not docile species and not pose threat or death like my silver arowana shovel cat paroon etc.?

Any ideas?

IMO, since you already have the snakehead, I'd say anything new you put in the pond will be food for the snakehead. If you were starting out and didn't have the snakehead yet, there are a few options but you'd need to put them in in a particular order with the snakehead being the last to go in and the smallest fish in the tank/pond.
yeah I get it my other fish from the main my other fish like oscar peacock bass gator gar didnt turn into yummy food for the giant snakehead

I thought the paroon shark will be the toughest in pond while its still small by half an inch of pbass but still just died into half by the snakehead

So Say So!!

Im gonna give you a warning!

I’m gonna be honest in my opinion Sais (IMO)…
ok for example for now my snakehead is already 16” and I will add an fish for example catfish species is my favorite wallago leerii or goonch cat etc.. the size is around 12 inches or 14 inches just slightly bigger than my oscar or pbass will that be a problem or is a big or big or bigger risk that the giant snakehead wont tolerate new tank mates even larger than there thereselves is that right?…
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