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Oct 15, 2005
I finally have my 29 gallon set up. I have two maxi-jet 1200's in it and the flow is crazy. I have come to a conclusion that i need to downsize. What size should i go to? The reason i come to this, is because i added the sand, then the water and i already had the powerheads set up. I turned on the powerheads and went to sleep. Woke up this morning and there was a big spot in front of the tank where there was no sand because the powerheads had blown it away from the glass. So what size should i downsize to? If i don't need to downsize, or an alternative, what positions should i place the powerheads? Thanks.
your sand will become less easy to blow around... try aiming your power heads up, towards the surface of the water, it should help some with some of the downward currents
InxayonFinland said:
what positions should i place the powerheads?

I have mine on each side/end towards the back angled up/slightly tilted to the front and facing each other. That should eliminate the sand from moving so much and give you good convulsing currents.

If you still feel it’s too much flow you could downgrade to a Maxi-Jet 900.
IMO you dont need to downgrade, possibly turn one off for a little bit (if the reangling the nozzel didnt help) Once your critters take off in your sand, and the bacteria is flourishing, you will find out that one of the few times your sand will move is if you aim the power head directly at the sand.

Or until your suction cups on your maxi jets give out and it falls to the bottom :p
mykpoz said:
Or until your suction cups on your maxi jets give out and it falls to the bottom :p
Have you had that happen! I’d hate to come home to that kind of mess 8O Honestly in the 10+ years that I have been using power heads I have never had one come loose.
yes i have had that happen, i found myself taking them off atleast 1-2 times a week to clean the glass just to get them to stick...

the two things i did to fix that when i used maxijets was to put a small dab of silicon or gel super glue under the cups then stick them to the tank... never moved after that. until i pulled them out ot replace them.
What do you use now or recommend. I have MJ 1200, Penguin 1140, & PowerSweep 228 for now. I was thinking of replacing them all with two Seio 820 pumps. Do you have any experience with these? I’d get a couple of Tunze turbelle pumps but have a hard time dropping $300+ on them just for a 55 gal.
I use 2 seio 820's and love them I also have a MJ glued towards the bottom of the tank, that is helping to move water from the bottom to the top.
thanks for the replies... i repositioned the powerhead so they are on either side and facing each other but one is pointing towards the front. This helped the sand not move. Thanks for the help!
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