Moving a tank 3 times in two months...

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Aug 6, 2003
Southern California
Okay, this is gonna be difficult. I'm purchasing a tank and I will be moving it some time within the next two weeks to my home. The tank hasn't been up too long so moving the LS won't release too many toxins into the water. It's a 120 gallon reef. I plan on putting the water, LR, LS, anemone, fish, and inverts in their own buckets and transport them to my house. Now for the bad part...

I've just recently discovered that I have dry termites in my home so I have to tent the house. For those of you who don't know what it is, I have to move all food, plants, and animals out of the house for two days while they put a giant tent over the house and pump incecticide throughout the house. I plan on doing this at the end of November. So, once I move the tank in, I have to move it back out, and then back in again.

What effect will this have on my livestock? The tank has one anemone, little hermit crabs, two brittle stars, one clown, one firefish goby, and one cleaner shrimp.

Also, do you have any advice as to how I should move the tank and its contents safely?
Is there anyway you can off moving the tank at a friends house until the fumigation is over?

Any move is stressful on both the tank, inhabitants and you and then to have to move it that many times in such a short period.
Well, the people I am purchasing the tank from are moving, but I am not sure when. I also cannot bump the fumigation date for other reasons.

Maybe I could set up the tank somewhere "safe" for the time being so I would minimize the number of moves to two instead of three. I just can't really think of a safe and practical place.
Not knowing your budget, you may check and see if any of the lfs will let you 'rent' a spot. Poetentially explaining to them your situation and offer to pay them to park your tank somewhere. Maybe some place safe in your place of work? If your desperate, you should start thinking out of the box. 3 moves will be pretty hard on them. I would consider not buying it. Sounds like you got bigger 'fish' to fry.

Best of luck.
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