Moving/Fragging Mushrooms

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Jan 30, 2005
Arkansas, USA
I have a mushroom rock with several large mushrooms on it, some are covering up the others so the smaller ones aren't growing. I want to frag them to another rock. I read on about them but im still kind of confused.

The picture they have is this:

Will the part that gets cut off crow a new mouth? Is that how it works?

Also, about how long would it take to grow a new mouth?

It also says when cutting it hold it upside down over a bowl of reef water, does that mean remove the rock from the water? Doesn't that kill them?

Yep, cut it off at the stalk and it will grow a mouth in about 2 weeks. Corals can be out of water for several minutes without harm. You can cut the mushroom in the tank also.

If I can, I take the rock out of the tank and do the cuts. And I rinse the rock off with salt water to get rid of the excess slime the mushroom produced when being fragged.

Mushrooms are tuff!!
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