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Aug 11, 2011

I currently have a 180 litre tank with numerous fish in. I am due to move in about 2 weeks and am looking for advice on the best method of moving the tank and setting it up at the new house.

The tank is a Juwel tank which is still using the internal sponge filters and powerhead. Advice would be very well received on how to move the tank and fish with the least potential harm being caused to the fish.

Any ideas?
180liters is about 45 gal ... that's a bit too big to just transport as is. So I would put your stock in a cooler with tank water. Leave about 5 gal worth of water in the tank for the substrate, decor and filter media. If your worried about heavy decor / rocks sliding around, you can put them in a separate cooler / bucket w/ tank water. As long as all that material stays wet ... the Bacteria will stay alive.

The tank should be the last thing you tear down and first thing you set up.

This is assuming that the trip will only be a few hours?
The journey will only take about 20 minutes! Hopefully, I am planning on it only being 3/4 hours from starting to take the tank down to having set back up. Is that being too hopeful?
That sounds about right considering the travel time. Even if it takes more time .. BB can survive in the tank water for a couple of days before they die off from starvation. Certainly the fish will be fine in the cooler for those hours.

Good luck!
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