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Oct 11, 2004
i was wondering what the name of the mushroom is that grows really big, it has a huge stalk (2-3'') i thought it was a toadstool, but i'm not sure if that is right.
well thats what i thought, but the guy at the lfs called it something with umbrella in the name, theres was about 7 inches high before the shroom expanded, still the same thing?
Yeah, still the same thing. They aren't the best pics in the link I sent you. Here are some others. When young, the caps are more flat and when stressed/unhappy, it won't show it's polyps so this will make it look different.

Here is a link to an umbrella mushroom. Your typical mushroom coral will lay flat against the rock or substrate. Unless it's in very low light where it will then stretch out to get more light. But it shouldn't reach as far as what you are describing.
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