My 29 gallon reef

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Jul 21, 2011
Just got my fishneedit light fixture!! It's a 4 bulb 96 watt t5 HO fixture! 2 actinics and 2 10000k daylights. Very impressed with it!! The first pic is actinics, then daylights, then both.


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Right now it's...

1 Midas Benny
2 ocellaris clowns
1 yellow watchman goby and pistol shrimp
Thanks the list might change... Already has 4 or 55 times haha. I kept seein new fish that were better :D. 29 gallon
Forgot to add a pic:

Haha he's cool!! A goby is already on my list so I don't want to have another bottom dweller he's awesome though!
This blenny isn't a bottom dweller. They perch on the rockwork. Never touches the bottom where my 2 gobies & pistol shrimp are.
Yeah, just grazes on the rockwork and some of the mysis i feed him. Very interesting how he swims and moves his body in an undulating motion. His swimming and location behaviors is what drew me to it. Just an interesting fish.
Look up starry blenny on YouTube and click the 3rd or 4th one with the hand in the pic
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