My 55 gallon reef build.

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I just found out that the halides from aquatraders have a small chance of catching on fire... Sorry for the bad info and dont take the risk of catching your house on fire. Lol whoops
ul listed means that samples of the product has been tested and found to meet applicable standards.
yes everything thats ul should be marked with their sticker, you've probably seen the symbol a million times and never noticed.
I have an Oddysea Metal Hallide 48" 608w and It works perfectly but when you order ask for the legs because the ones in the box doesn't fit. And switch the 2 250w bulbs with 2 150w bulbs.
They should be. The 2 150w and 2 54w bulbs should be 408w in total which is about 8 watts per Gallon if you are setting up a 55 gallon anything higher will damage the corals.
Oh well in that case I'm guessing your tank is 72" and they have another system that is over 1000 watts
needmorecowbell said:
I was told not to go by wpg but instead par. I really not sure though.

Correct wpg can be misleading, but if you know your par you know exactly how much light you actually have
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