My African Dwarf Frog has disappeared!

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Mar 27, 2022
So I have a tank with one betta, two mystery sails and (had) two African Dwarf frogs. Everything was going well, the tank was doing great with the two frogs I added about a week ago.

Since adding the frogs, my water has gotten cloudy and will not clear up, and one of the frogs are missing. It’s been missing for about 3 days. I have found one, but no sign of the other. I know they are notorious about hiding in small places, but I have cleared out my tank and cannot find it. I have a lid on top, so it would have been impossible for it to jump out. I sifted through the sand and could not find him. What the heck happened??

Could my male betta or snails have eaten it? The other one seems to be doing well. Do I need to get another ADF for this remaining frog to have a friend?

And why is my water so dang cloudy?? Lol.

Thanks for all your help!
Can you give some more details about the tank and its inhabitants?

How long has the tank been set up? How big is the tank? What filtration is there? Is it heated?

How long have your fish, frogs, snails etc been with you?

Do you know your water parameters? pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate?

The cloudy water sounds very much like a bacterial bloom, and is common in newly set up tanks and tends to clear up as the tank and cycle establishes. Can you give more details on the cloudiness you are seeing? Is it like a milky cloudiness? Tea coloured water? Green water? Particles floating about in the water? All of these things would indicate different causes.

What do you know about the nitrogen cycle? Assuming its a newly set up tank, did you cycle the tank before getting fish, or are you now cycling the tank with fish/frogs in there? If you have/are cycling the tank, how did/are you doing this?

Yes, its entirely possible for your fish, snails, and other frog to eat a dead frog.
The tank has been set up about a month. 6 gallon tank. I do have live plants in there. It was cycled a couple days prior to putting the Betta and snails in there. It was not cloudy until putting the frogs in there (1 week ago). The tank is heated, with a sponge filter. The water is cloudy, not green or anything. Just cloudy and was not this cloudy prior to the frogs. I have not tested the water to find out ph, ammonia etc. I have had Betta’s before in a small tank but quite new to the “aquarium” world. Any input would be helpful and appreciated.
How did you cycle the tank?

It typically takes 6 to 8 weeks to cycle a tank before adding fish, and if you arent able to test the water how did you determine it was cycled?

Thats a lot of bioload in what i presume isnt cycled yet. I would be changing 50% of the water daily until you are able to test your water parameters.
Testing water isnt the same as cycling the tank. How did you cycle the tank? The cloudy water you are seeing and your unwillingness to answer questions is a clear sign your tank isnt cycled.
Obviously it is not cycled since I said I had it for a month and I put the fish in a couple days after getting the tank.
Ok. Now that you have accepted that we can look into getting the tank cycled and prevent any further deaths.

Do you know how to cycle a tank?
I was told not to put two together because they could eat one another that’s possible
I was told not to put two together because they could eat one another that’s possible
African dwarf frogs are social frogs and are better kept in small groups. While im sure they will cannibalise other frogs if one dies, they wouldn't normally go out of their way to kill another.

Are you sure you arent confusing dwarf frogs and clawed frogs (which your own thread is about)?
Hello: I had a couple of African frogs in my 75-gal tank, with an Aquatop CF-500UV canister filter. I didn't have the filter on the intake hose on correctly. One of the frogs went missing, along with some of the fish. I also have an axolotl in the tank. I cleaned the canister filter out...and you guessed it, there was Mr Frog, along with the fish. All alive and well. I scooped them up and put them back in the tank, and fixed the intake. Haven't had an issue since with disappearing critters. The axi ignores them for the most part-he actually snapped one up once, but spit it out again rapidly. Frog was none the worse for wear, and he (?) now lurks behind the axi when it's feeding time, to gobble up the crumbs. Hope this helps, and you've checked your filter by now.

Have had African Dwarf Frogs for a few years now, males have what appears to be a goosepimple behind the front limbs, around the "armpit" area. ADFs can also change gender, depending on the pH in the water, the temperature, and the gender of the other frogs in the tank. In my experience, males also make a buzzing/humming call in the winter time, even when alone.
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