My African dwarf frogs have disappeared

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Mar 28, 2022
I have 3 adf's and saw them yesterday all 3 after feeding now they are gone not in hiding spots tank is covered and cycled I'm so sad ? please anything would help
Worth having a look if you cant find them anywhere else.

Is there anything else in the tank that might have eaten them?
I have 4 albino catfish 6 guppies and 3 adf I don't believe that they would eat them I have them in a 29 gallon tank well established proper temp filtered and heated I also have structures in the tank so they can get to the top for air I have found 1 but no signs of the other 2 thank you for your help I don't want to bother them too much not sure if that's possible but seems like it would be?! Also what is the best water tester I can get for my tank on a budget I have the straps but don't feel they are accurate
Where did you find the frog? If you found one alive and well, its a good bet the others are OK.

If the frogs died, the fish would make quick work of them. They wouldnt kill and eat your frogs, but would certainly make a meal of anything that dies.

API freshwater master test kit is a good one to go for. It covers what you need under normal circumstances (pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate), is accurate enough for the purpose you are putting it too, and as you get 100s of tests from the kit, much more cost effective long run than strips.
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