My blue velvet is berried!

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Jul 4, 2021
Omg, I’m gonna be a dad! Haha

So just got these guys and some red cherries a few days ago. Noticed today that one of the blue velvets appears to be packing some eggs! I didn’t think these guys would be reproducing yet as they’re quite small.

Hopefully, since they spent a couple days mixed in with the red cherries, I don’t end up with some brown mutts.

Can anyone recommend an easy to find Canadian baby shrimp food? Unfortunately the tank they’re in isn’t quite seasoned and I think I’ll need to supplement their food to make sure they get enough
Do you have Glasgarten. My shrimp do will with it.

You can use sparingly, the Bacter AE. I only use it weekly or every couple weeks usually, though I have many other foods in the rotation. And no where near the dosage they recommend. Just a tiny amount like what would fit on the end of a flat toothpick for a small tank like 10G, and maybe end of a chop stick amount for a 30G.

They have Glasgarten Mineral Junkie pearls which I also use in the tanks, and Shrimp Fit, the babies when they get a 1/4 inch or a half cm would eat this right up too.

Also leaf liter!!! It is what they really feed on in nature a lot. And a mature tank has lots of aufwuchs, little bitty microscopic foods. They will develop. Add leaf liter gradually. Not a whole bunch at one time.

They little tiny ones really pick away on wood and plants. If you have an older mature DW you could swap in would be useful. And even stones. Then move them back after a month or so if you need to.

Other foods I like are Shirakura Chi Ebi. I have been happy with Shrimp King with a mix of foods and really liked the 5 leaf. I buy it in the sample pack, 5 in one pack.

Also have purchased from this seller with misc. items and the combo packs of foods. Maybe to Canada.
I ordered up some of the glasgarten shrimp baby on Amazon, hopefully it gets here in time.

This really threw me a curveball. These guys are so tiny and only having ordered a couple blue velvets I figured if anything I would have several weeks before they even think about mating. Low and behold a couple days later… lol

I figured the red cherries would have been first as they’re a bit bigger and I’ve got a lot more of them, so I moved those guys to the more mature tank. I should have done it the other way around!

I really only have one decoration I can move from the 29g into the blue’s tank. I may just have to do that, but everyone in the 29g tank is quite enjoying picking at it lol
Yes, indeed, they love picking at the little foods.

Hoping it all comes out well. You can use almost any food they would normally eat for babies. If you are near a pet store, Hikari Crab Cuisine is eaten readily at my tanks too. Wouldn't be my #1 choice for shrimp fry, but maybe easier to get ahold of.
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