my dad got eggs!

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Apr 13, 2006
red deer, alberta, canada
my dads been hiding it from me but i found out he has piranah eggs. yes im so excited cause i wanted them to breed and now they finally are.
i told him i would empty my ten gallon just for the eggs.

any ideas on what he could do he doesnt have a spare tank. he could get one but not a used filter .. we both have all our tanks full so i dont know what do you reccomend for the filter part.
Congrats...successful spawning of Ps is not that common.

Buy a new filter and swap in some of the cycled media from one of your current filters.
ok heres the fry. they are swimmin gnow
im so excited so i thought i would show them off. I spent hours there today taking them and puting them in there new tank. all is well and most of them made it.
i dont know hard it is, but he is a lucky guy when it comes to breeding.
its there first attempt and they did well.
thanks for checking them out
Very cool. You may be able to make some cash on the side breeding Piranha's. I'm a little jealous as I've never been able to breed anything.
Feed the fry microworms if they're big enough to eat them. They will live much longer in the water than brine shrimp, so pollution is minimized.
thanks for the comment. we have first bites and hatched brine shrimp and a whole bunch of frozen foods between us. we are doing daily water changes and such. so it should be fine. but i will mention it and look for some the next time we are out thanks.
where do you get mircro worms anyways. are they live
Ya, tiny little critters, great live food for tiny fry, like bettas. You culture them with oatmeal and yeast, starter cultures are available from other fish people. I have about 6-7 active cultures going now, lots of African cichlid fry to feed. I could send you one USPS priority mail for $5 to cover shipping if you want some, and can't find any locally. They are better than brine shrimp because they live much longer in the water. If you overfeed, they won't die/decay quickly, and are alive and available for consumption longer.
One thing about feeding bbs, watch out for hydra. I don't know how/where they come from, but they seem to turn up and multiply in most tanks that are fed bbs for any length of time. They are capable of killing young fry. I had that problem with some cichlid fry before, and have heard the same thing from other folks too.
yah i will ask him if he would like some. thank you.
and i heard nasty stories about hydra but i will send him the link to to make sure.
thanks for all your help
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