my discus fish photo

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They sure are some beautiful fish, I wish they had them in my area, the only fish I can get are the common ones from petco and petsmart :(
I hope they NEVER carry Discus in the chain stores! I am afraid NONE of them would make it, the guppies and mollys have a hard enough time. :(
Question, could prolly google it but would prefer to hear from someone direction. What type of other fish can you get with discus are they community fish, and would they do well with small fish such as tetra.


Read your "My tanks" and it seems you have them in there with other fish, but how do / would they do with smaller fish like tetra.
tetra sp. are the most compatible fish with discus fish. discus can live very well with tetra. the others compatible fishes are...
loach,cory,black ghost knife and the most controversial fish angel...
How you think they will get alone with gourami? I just love them.. You like discus I love gourami but then again I never seen a discus..
ok,you may add gourami with discus but i have never found that gourami and discus in a same tank...
Oh ok, I do not even know where I would find a discus where I live. My tank is so basic.. fish wise anyway. I need some rare exotic fish to make people go WOW!
hm,if you want to keep discus fish in your tank the best will be in my opinion is to make another fish tank where you can keep only discus fish and the tank will be bare bottom tank. you also know that discus fish requires more clear water than any other fish...
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