My first PH Tests

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Jul 28, 2002
Honolulu, HI.
Hello All~ Well, I went out and bought a Ph test kit finally. Mostly because I have a fishie that is doing poorly in my 10 gallon and thought I needed to check the PH. I got some surprising results! The test kit goes from, I think 6.5 to 7.6; well both my ten gallon and 55 both registered at 7.6, the highest possible 8O . Is that due to my water system or what? geesh!

Needless to say, I went back out and got some Ph down fluid. I put the stuff in both tanks, and will re-test in the a.m., see if there is a change. It won't be so bad when I get the cichlids in there, but these guys I think will enjoy the lower PH. Here is a pic of the results. Maybe it's broken or something. Funny how both tanks came out 7.6. hhmmhmhmmmmm?
Very clear photo BTW.

The reason both kits tested at 7.6 is because the PH in your tank is probably above 7.6 and since that is the highest the kit range can go thats what your results where.

Regretfully this means that you need to pick up a high range PH kit and you should then see your results.

Your higher PH is probably due to your tap water. I suspect if you tested your tap water you would find it on the hard side.
IndyReef said:
um, im guessing its a freshwater tank?

if saltwater, then your ph should be higher than 7.6.

just a thought

Ya its a freshie tank. I did change the forum titles to reflect the type of tank. So now all freshwater forums are listed as "Freshwater - XXXXXX" and saltwater are listed as "Saltwater and Reef - XXXXXX".
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