(My Fuge Questions)What type of lighting for a fuge?

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Nov 16, 2003
San Francisco, Ca.
Im going to pick up one of those cpr Aquafuges and I want to put macroalgeas and stuff like that in there. I was thinking about one of those coralife 9"x5" 2x9 watt PC fixtures, but what one should I get? There is a 1 x actinic and 1 x daylight , and then there is the one inteneded for freshwater but it says its also for planted tanks? What spectrum is ideal for growing those good algeas? Sorry for al the questions but I want to get it right.

Thanks, Brian
Why would you need actinic? Unless it is on display there is no reason to bring out its colors. 10,000k is good, Even half that will work for some algae. As for the freshwater planted lighting, I have no Idea what is the spectral quality and wattage?
The freshwater ones are 2 x 9 watt 6700k bulbs. So should I get one that has 10000k or a different spectral quality?
hey mrpope, dont worry about all the questions, thats what we are here for. To help each other.
If you are worried about the weight put the fuge on the tank dry and measure what the distance is to your stand and build a little platform to transfer the weight onto your stand instead of on the tank.
I am using the Coralife mini Aqualight with the 10k and actinic on my 12" Aquafuge and its more than enough light for growing macro's. You will be pleased.
6700k would work as well. I use a 6500k 20 watt PC bulb on my fuge. I used to use a grow light on it before that. Both have had good growth.
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