my new stand, where can i get sump/refug?

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Jul 18, 2008
Oxnard, CA
Here are some pics of the stand that I got with my 100gl tank. i think it is a good design for a separate sump and refugium. My question is where can i look for tanks to use for the sump and refug? the sump will be the larger side and the refug will be the smaller side.

sump: 38(L)x21(H)x12(D)
refug: 18(L)x20(H)x19(D)





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I would remove that piece of plywood that seperates the 2 sections and not worry about having to find something that fits in each side.
Walmart sells tanks pretty cheap.

ok, so if i removed the plywood then i would have a total length available of about 54x12x20... i could find a bigger sump and then try to convince the fiancee accept having the refugium outside of the stand
yea, but...

yea, a 48x12x20 would be great... but then i wont have room to take the skimmer cap out from underneath to clean it out. looks like i might need to go a little shorter to have enough room for that
What kind of skimmer? What is the height from the bottom of the stand to the underside of the tank?
i havent picked the skimmer yet... the total height from the bottom of the stand to the underside of the tank would be 21".
I just measured my is just under 21" tall. I don't think that is going to work. You have to be able to service your sump and with it being that tall you wouldn't be able to do anything to it.

You may need to go with a 30 or a 40 long....I don't know the dimensions of either of those tanks but the 55 is probably too big...
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