Mystery eggs on aquarium glass

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Nov 9, 2008
I found a surprise in my 20g tank today! Sometime between yesterday and this afternoon one of my fish laid about 150-200 eggs which are scattered in small groups mostly on the aquarium glass, although there are about 30 eggs on the underside of some plastic plant leaves too. The inhabitants include 2 sunset dwarf platies, 3 white clouds and 2 peppered cories. The platies are both male, so these are either white cloud or cory eggs. I hope someone can identify them and advise me what to do next. Should I leave the eggs where they are or move them to a separate tank? This is the first time any of my fish have laid eggs, so this is entirely new for me! Thanks in advance for any help! :D


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It's definitely not the platies, because they're livebearing. I would leave them alone, if anything move the other fish to another tank so they can hatch without being eaten?
i would guess the cories they tend to be sticky so they can stay on the glass.
Yep, cory eggs. And if yours are like mine, those peppered cories will drop eggs quite frequently. I have some on my 30G glass right now. They should hatch in 4 days, IF they don't get eaten first. Search this forum for a few cory fry pics I took earlier this year.
Thanks for all the replies. So far all the fish are ignoring the eggs and haven't eaten any of them. When they do start to hatch, should I move the fry to another tank? Any ideas? Thanks.
its best to do so. that way you can spot feed them and clean the tank very well.
Upon reading the title I immediately suspected cories, if you had any in your tank, which it appears you do. Cories are notorious for spawning on the glass. As mentioned platies are livebearers and white clouds would be egg scatterers and the eggs would have ended up scattered amonst relatively dense groups of plants. Hopefully you get some of the eggs to hatch though they may not be fertilized.
A few of the eggs from my cories latest spawn just hatched, and they remind me that the cory fry hang onto some of the egg when they hatch... you will not need to feed them until they start actively moving around. They like to hide, too. Might be a good idea to include an object or two in the fry tank so they won't get stressed out.
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