Nanocube vs Eclipse aquariums vs Aquapod

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Dec 24, 2008
i am looking to set up a 12gallon aquarium for fresh water fish and plants. based on the postings it seems that the nano cube and aquapods had cracking issues......on earlier models...what is the consensus now? are these safe to buy. i am also considering an eclipse system. the only difference between the cube and the pod i could find is that there are three individual switches in the pod and only on in the cube. is there any value in that?
i visited one store and the cooling fan on the display unit of the pod made quite a loud humming noise. any comments on that? i was wondering if that was a defective unit...or the aquarium is noisy by itself.

any comments especially regarding the noise level comparison would be helpful.
I doubt you'll need a cooling fan for a freshwater tank... will only increase evaporation, really.

Is the fan removable? If that's your only noise concern then that may be your answer.
Thank you very much for the reply. I decided to go with the Nano Cube -12g, much quieter.

Final question...are Nano Cube aquariums made of glass (SiO2) or plexiglass or acrylic? The tank came with a magnetic scrubber which i dont want to use if it is going to scratch the tank. the owners manual only says Glass aquarium.
I have a 12gal nanocube deluxe I use for a SW application. I have had it for over three years now with no issues. The deluxe version of the nanocube had higher lighting so I ended up opening up the hood and reversing one of the cooling fans so that one draws room air into the hood with the other one blows warm air out of the hood. It has really helped with temp control.

Yes..the nanocubes are made of glass. The scubber will be fine.
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