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Sep 7, 2014
Hello all this is my introduction to the forum I have been lurking around here for a short time and noticed how active this forum actually is that is why I chose to join here. I am as most would say addicted to the hobby. I've owned several tanks over the years the latest of which was a 29g. I stocked the tank with sunfish that I trapped from a private pond my family owns. I fell in love with these native fish because it reminds me of home. the little green sunfish were moved onto eating cichlid pellets very easily. They were not a wild fish in my eyes I had them eating out of my hand within the first year. All six fish grew and boy did they. Happy healthy fish out grew my tank after two years and even had them spawn twice. They grew for an inch to Just about 6 inches in the time I kept them. Once they out grew my tank I reluctantly released them back into the pond. Now I'm back with a 100gal tank and big plans. I have chosen this site/forum to document my build from start to finish it will be a 100g show tank drilled overflow (herbie style) wet dry filter I will make from one of the 29g tank I have. stocked with fish and aqua-scaped with things native to arizona (where I live). It will be a long thread I'm sure but I'm excited to share with everyone along the way.
Welcome to the forum. I'll be interested in seeing what you do with this. I'm a big fan of fish native to North America. Great to have you here!
Thanks I for some reason can't load pictures through the app or I would share some of my old set up pictures and some current pictures of the big empty tank
Sunfish are absolutely beautiful, talk about dramatic coloration matched with irredescent awesomeness! ! Not surprised they ate pellets;) I've caught quite a few on a bare hook..

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