Need advice a 2nd time-re: Aquarium Salt

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Jul 18, 2009
Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca
Hello everyone,

I posted a few weeks ago about a major algae bloom that ocurred while a not-so-trustworthy friend of the wife took care of my fish while I was travelling.

Anway, I want to thank everyone for their advice.

Long story short, I used the advice (such as turning the light off for several days), switched to Prime, and added a 2nd filter (even though it probably wasn't necessary.

However, my water, even after a water change, is still not staying clear.

They water gets cloudy in only a couple days, and when I change it, the water is green.

So I will let you know what I am doing when I change the water (typically 1/3-1/2 of water, 3/4 on extreme green water and this was only once):

-Use siphon gravel vac to suction water out and clean the gravel into buckets (I don't have a thread on faucet so I can't use a cool one!)
-Then use the Eheim Sludge Extractor for extra cleaning
-If ornaments have algae, I will pull them out a scrub them with treated water
-Add water treated with Prime and Aquarium Salt as directed (1 tsp per 5 gallongs, in 3 gallon increments at properly temp matched water (79 degrees) until full.
-Replace filter elements, replace charcoal and ammocarb in secondary filter element.

The only things that have changed since I got the aquarium and the problem started are:
-Addition of aquarium salt
-Change of light bulb (I have since changed back to the original)
-Change from API Stress Coat to Prime
-Additional Filter

So I guess my question is could the Salt be causing this rapid cloudiness? Is it even necessary?

My tank remains unlit most of the time, and is not in a sunny room.

Out of the things that have changed since I got the tank, that is the only thing that makes any sense as a link to the chronically cloudy water.

I know it is not feeding problems as the food is given 2 times per day, and is gone within 2 minutes. Also, vacuum residue is very minimal.

Below are details of my tank:
-36 Gallon Bowfront
-2 Emporer 280 Filters
-Heater set at 79
-Additives include: Prime, Algaefix once per week (when necessary), Aquarium Salt with water change)
-Fish: 1 gourami, 2 australian rainbow fish, 1 baloon molly, 1 pleco, 1 cat, 3 neons, 2 cherry barbs, 2 zebra danios
-No live plants
aquarium salt is not needed for anything really... some people say its good for ick, but most people will tell you its useless and just something that lfs use to make money... it could be causing the cloudiness... depending on how much youre putting in, salt doesnt evaporate, it stays in there... if you keep adding it and adding it, it will build up over time, just like in a saltwater aquarium... something else you might want to consider is feeding only once a day or once every two days... i only feed once ever two days... when i started with aquariums, i fed 3-4 sometimes more per day not knowing any better, somebody suggested every other day, and my tank is so much cleaner. How much light are you giving them? if you dont have plants, try leaving your lights off excpet during feeding time... fish dont require a certain amount of light or anything, its usually dark where they live in the wild anyways...
And regarding the feeding, 2 times per day is too much?! Wow! Seems like the fish are always hungry at the 2 feeding times, but I guess that is Pavlovian... Maybe I'll cut back to once a day for now. Should I feed the same amount with the reduced feeding times? And would you recommend morning or evening?
morning, evening, lunch time, doesnt really matter... i always do it at night as im going to bed, just because its convenient... seriously, fish will eat if you feed them 10 times per day, you dont need to. What will happen over time is that food, some of which you see, some you dont, will sink to the bottom, building up, causing water quality problems... It seems wierd, but every other day works really good. I would feed a SMALL amount if youre going to feed every day, though a small amount is all i feed every other day.
Just an update: I did the water change without adding any salt this time, and my water is still crystal clear 5 days later. It seems as though this was the major issue. Anyway, I am reducing feeding times to once a day as well. Thanks again for the feedback, this site rules!
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