Need Advice... HOB Skimmer and HOB Filter

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Jun 10, 2009
Well, I received my HOB Octopus 100F yesterday and after playing with the setup for like 1 hour I finally got it working and is skimming yellow pee, seems to be working just fine... Now, should I keep my old HOB Biowheel Penguin Filter and have both my Octopus Skimmer and Filter working? Or should I take out the filter and just leave the Skimmer??? thank you....
First off, how long has your system been in operation?
Well it has been. Running with the HOB filter for about 2 months now (since I started my tank)....... I have 40 lbs of LR in a 46 Bow Front
I really don't see any problem with leaving it - it's really up to you. The skimmer and Penguin biowheel do two totally different things. If properly maintained, they won't end up as a nitrate factory, and it's a handy thing to have in case you have to set up a quarantine tank quickly - just transfer over the already-seeded biowheel unit and you're good to go.
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