need help on deciding on a protein skimmer please!

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Feb 22, 2011
so i have a 45 gallon tank, it originally had the remora nano skimmer installed on it that worked well for about a month and then totally did nothing for my tank because i think i had the nano version and not the pro. so my tank has been without a skimmer for probally 5 months and i have noticed red slime algea starting to appear on my rocks. So i am ready to invest in another protein skimmer but i really want to spend my money on the best possible skimmer for my tank. Do you guys think i should just go with the remora pro? or does anyone have any suggestions for a better more reliable HOB protein skimmer any help would be awesome guys please i dont want to waste my money on junk
i would also need a recommendation on a RO unit as well that would be good for my 45 gallon tank
This is the RO/DI unit I have. I have been pleased with it. You can get a 100 gal a day for #11.00 less but I think the 150 is well worth it.

Can't help you with the skimmer because I know nothing about them. I will be following along though because I also have a 45 and may want to add a skimmer.
thats awesome guys thanks so much, so carey about the protein skimmer you think i should just keep my nano skimmer and just update the pump or would i be better off with the pro with like the maxi jet 1200 cause with my nano i had a rio 800 i believe not to sure but i do know it was a rio and i know their not the best quality of pumps
I have the remora pro with a mj1200 on my 55g. I think if you went up to a mj 1200 you would pretty much have the same results I get. The nano one is just a tad shorter and has the smaller pump. It's worth spending the $25 to see instead of wasting almost $175 on a whole new skimmer. The pro is recommended for up to 70g I believe with the 1200 and 120 with the mag3. So I think it's just a matter of the pumps.
ok does the mj1200 fit on the remora nano? i don't know if they have different size input hoses so i just want to make sure before i look into it
and yea i totally get what your saying with spending alot less money to see the results but i much rather just get the best option money aside that will cure my red cyno and get my tank looking much better i dont mind investing in a new skimmer if its really going to help my tank out in the long run
The nano one can take a mj900 so its a matter of seeing what the width is on that hose. I'm gonna try to find out for you. :)
my flow is really good i have a aqueon 750 on one side of the tank and a 250 on the other which i think is my max cause i had a 950 and it was to powerful it was blowing my sand a little bit so i traded that and downgraded to the 750
This is the best information I can come up with after searching a few sites.
Not one site listed the inout and output sizes but according to this picture from petsolutions it appears it's adjustable.

so when it comes to skimmers and in my case with the nano and the pro the only differance is the size what really matters is the strength of the pump? am i understanding that correctly and on the picture which nozzle is going into the hose of the skimmer that top one or the long one coming out from the side
I know with the pro version its all the same exact skimmer with just different pumps. I took a picture of how my mj1200 is setup, if anything I think a longer hose might connect it well enough to the graduated size side.

ok thats awesome so you think if i invest in a maxi jet 1200 i will basically get the same results. you just saved me so much money i owe you! haha
I think you'll see better results. Not so sure it will clear up cyano but it should pull more gunk as it flows more water inside. In my opinion thats what I would try first. Not like you cant find a use for a mj1200 if it doesnt. :)

If you decide against it hit me up, I might be interested in a used nano remora myself. lol ;-)
any particular website u recommend ordering it from? i think it might work i found on a website a remora protein skimmer that actually comes with a maxi jet 1200 so if it comes with one then it has to be able to work on mine
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