need help on deciding on a protein skimmer please!

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I got my info from and some from I prefer aquacave to be honest.
oo and is their a difference between the maxi jet 1200 and the pro? which one should i get if their is even a difference its listed on one site as just maxi jet 1200 and on another as maxi jet 1200 pro so i am confused if theirs difference lol sorry if i am bugging you
I htink the pro can be used for three different applications. I woudl go with the old school MJ. As long as it looks like the one I showed you it should be fine. i think thepro comes with a whole bunch of nozzles and other nifty stuff.
So on all the sites i looked at the maxi jet 1200 pump was all dis continued the pro i guess is the upgraded version so i bought that i hope its the same pump it just as the new attachments for it guess we will see
Good luck let me know how it works out. I had been debating buyin a nano remora myself for my 20g adn would love it if it were in fact upgradeable to a point.

I compared the sizes of the actual untits, the nano and the pro and the nano is like 2 inches shorter, an inch and a half more narrow and I believe 3/4 of inch less deep. So it's pretty much the same piece of hardware just a tad smaller.
alright i think ill be ok then with a little difference like that worst comes to worst i have to do a little DIY project to get it to fit no big deal thanks for all your help ill let you know what happens
I need your help carey, so the pump came in today and it attached to the skimmer just fine but my problem is i dont know how to adjust it so the flow isnt on full blast and i dont see any description of it on the instructions. And this pump is really loud does it have to break in before it isnt as loud.
Jarrett said:
I need your help carey, so the pump came in today and it attached to the skimmer just fine but my problem is i dont know how to adjust it so the flow isnt on full blast and i dont see any description of it on the instructions. And this pump is really loud does it have to break in before it isnt as loud.

Can't you just adjust the cup up top as far as getting toomuch water? Or does it just produce too much bubbles?
it produces way to many bubbles it fills my whole tank with them in like a minute
darn. sounded like a great idea. You don't have the bubble cover do you? Not sure it would even fit over the MJ 1200. But it helped in my tank alot with the bubbles.

Might actually have to buy the nano version which is not very fair in my opinion. It's essentially the exact same unit minus an inch here and an inch there. Nice way to get more money out of us.
yep w.e worth the try i am going to keep the pump anyway not gonna do any harm to keep it. but i obv have no use for this skimmer now so if your interested let me know also could you explain to me how the RO unit you recommended works where does it hook up to just a water line? i am kind of confused on how the whole thing works.
I have my ro/di unit attached to my garden hose. If you got the kitchen adaptor you just hook up the input line to that. Then have the waste water going somewhere, mine goes into my grass and the pure water tube going into your storage container. if you did not specify what type of adaptor when you ordered they will send you one that hard lines into your under sink plumbing. If thats the case home depot will have am adpator that you can use for the garden hose or the faucet. You just screw off the screen thingee on the faucet and hook it up there. When done just unscrew and pout it back on.

If youre lookign to sell the remora just tell me what youre looking at getting for it. I know they're expensive new but if youre price is reasonable I will probably take it. :) Kinda on a budget for the next 3 months, went a little crazy last month. lol
well i have never shipped anything before so you could help me with that whole process lol but i have just the skimmer box no pump and i have the original box and the skimmer was only used on my tank for 2 months so its practically brand new for the whole unit i see it sells online for like 140-150 would 75$ be ok and you cover the shipping?
i live in long island and you live in florida i dont think the shipping is even pricey or i might be wrong?
It's a big unit, I still have my original boxes for my remora LOL. They came i huge boxes.

Do you have paypal? The pm me....Might be able to make this simpler!
If the bubbles aren't too small, you can place a filter sock over the output to reduce the bubbles.
FYI; The length of time the bubbles remain in contact mixing with the water is one of the biggest considerations towards skimmer efficiency. More bubbles is better, but "dwell time" is what counts. The surface tension of the bubbles attracts long chain proteins (and other stuff) that produces the foam. Just like an ocean beach. Wouldn't produce foam if there wasn't organics to hold the bubbles together. I still think a effective skimmer is the primary filter used on a reef and you should get the best one that will suit you.
so carey i am about to order the RO unit i just have a couple questions about it again, do you use this unit? i ask just because it looks like a no name unit and i just want to make sure i am going to get a good quality unit and i do love the price. But if you know this is for my birthday i am aloud to spend 100$ is their a better unit that i could get for a few bucks more or will this one be just fine for my tank i mean i only have 45 gallons i change about 5 gallons a week with this i will prob up it to 10
They have other units as well, that do more per day or have extra filters included. Check out the link and then go to sellers other items and have a look.
So just wanted an opinion Carey if i bought a good system i went for a larger system just for the anticipation of having a bigger tank in the future and also it was a reef 5 stage RO unit i am gonna be honest don't know much of what that means but it seems like its a good quality unit what you think. i also bought the 3/4 hose adapter that runs into a 1/4 tubing which i am assuming will work just fine? This is the link 100 G Aquarium Reef RO DI 5stage Reverse Osmosis Water | eBay
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