Need some laymens help with lighting??

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Aug 19, 2008
Lansing area
I need some help with lighting?

27 g - 30*18*12 (being 18 deep)

Currently have what I believe to be a standard aquarium light @ 20 watts. I want my current mushroom to grow well and would love to add other corals and some anemone. I purchased a Reef sun 50/50 bulb but when I got home I realized it was only 17 watt. I've read lots of articles but maybe its too detailed or something but by the time Im done reading, Im sooo stinking confussed as to what I need its unreal! Im a basic type of girl and just need crap straight foward! :confused:

I dont want to spend lots of money - have some future plans (within a year) to move my 50 g FW tank over to the SW tank and replace the FW tank with 135 g. So all my savings are tucked away for the new tank. So I kinda need some ideas for the current 27 g to keep it going till then and then I need some ideas on coral/reef lighting for the upcoming 50 g.

Any suggestions?
I dont want to spend lots of money
If you want to keep only low light coral such as mushrooms, the cheapest would be something like a 2x65w compact fluorescent fixture and your probably looking at around $150.
Check on eBay and Craiglist for a used fixture. Find out how old the bulbs are and assume they were used 12 hours/day to know if there's any life left in them. I would generally assume you need to buy new bulbs for a used fixture, so keep that in mind.

Power compact (PC) bulbs should be replaced every 6 - 9 months (IMO). Any longer and the spectrum changes and algae takes off.

T5 bulbs should last about 18 months.
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