need your opion on some new lighting

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Jul 9, 2004
Winnipeg, Canada
I am needing some guidence on lighting.

Right now I have a tank ( 50g 42" long x 20" high x 15" wide) which has 80 watts of light. I would like to upgrade but do not know what to get. Yes, I have done much reading on the subject but still am having trouble getting a handle on this. I would like to be able to have bubble tip anemone's and easier to keep clams. Give me your opinions. What will I need? I would like to buy some type of combo unit that has both halide (250watts??) as well as vho's and maybe even moonlights. Thanks for your help.
Check with Darin at He is a sponser of this site and has a nice selection of combo light fixtures.
Shoot me an E-mail and we can talk lighting and i can tell you about a few options!
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