Nepthea Coral Questions

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Aug 19, 2011
I went to the LFS today to buy a pair of Banggai Cardinalfish and a Xenia coral if they had one. They did, but on the same piece of tonga stick there was another coral. He said it was called Nepthea, I think. I asked him if it had any extra care requirements than a normal soft coral, and he said that they didn't, but to make sure I dosed Iodine. I do, so he said it would do well.

I bought the combination of the 2 corals on the same stick for $40, which IMO is a good deal, especially as I have an overpriced LFS (was going to buy an algae blenny too, but it was $40, so that was a no.)

My LFS guy is one of the few honest people in the business. I have seen him not sell fish/corals to people because they could not care for them properly. Was he right about the Nepthea coral? It is tan/orange BTW. It is temperature acclimating at the moment, and I will post pictures later.
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