new 60g Tank?s

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Aug 29, 2003
I just got a 60g tank THe place i bought it from set it up for me with live sand I have had it running for 3 days but I have to pick up the light tonight they brought the wrong fixture I have a wet dry filter with a sump and a protien skimmer with a uv sterilizer the only water pump is the one on the top of the tank in the middle pushing the water in is this putting enough oxegen in the water for the fish I also have a quarintine tank with a eclipse top filtration filter with the bio-Wheel that is all that is in the tank I have stuff for them to hide in but is that enough oxegen I have 2 blue chromis and 2 3stripe Damselfish,and 2 3 spot domino,and 2 orange Blue Damsel I lost one of the green Chromis he was not eatting and swimming upside down he never seemed right when i got him home i took him out of the quarntine tank as soon as he died will it be safe to put some of my fish in the main tank when i get the light tonight all help is appreciated Thank you please let me know what my next step is
What do you want your tank set up to be? A fish only ste up? A fish only with LR? Or a reef system....all that is going to decide what you need to do next....i wouldn't add any fish into your tank untill you know exactly what you want your tank to be. If you are adding LS or LR, you will need to let your tank cycle for a few weeks before you add any fish.
when the guys came to set it up 3 days ago they put the live sand in it i dont want to use live rock so am I good to go or still wait I was going to add a couple damsels is that good or no I am going to pick up the light right now thanks
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