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May 12, 2005
Piedmont, NC
He needed a home. and was really cheap.


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He is a niger trigger. They are classified as aggresive but he is a big baby. His owner was moving and could not find a home for him. He thinks he is a chromis and schools with them only he is a lot larger. They are finally trusting him. So far a great fish with no problems and was eating out of my hand the first day.
Stripes he is actually that color. All the ones I have seen are dark but he is a velvet purple like a crown royal bag, I think I will name him crown royal
That is a beautiful color. I've never seen one like that. I usually see the dark blue ones. I'd like to get one but my tank is too small. How big is he right now?
They are a blast and that is a great looking one as well. The nigers are typically one of the more doscile of the triggers (except with inverts). I had one with a humu trigger, bw heniochus, porc. puffer, and dwarf lion fish. The niger was the only model citizen of the bunch.
Ya snails are going to be a no no in that tank....i would sacrifice the niger trig for snails IMO cleaning power is nice to have in a large tank that size....and he will most likely get aggressive towards other fish once he has addapted. Good luck!
Man what a dream. A 525 gallon acrylic with 900 pounds of lr. I would kill!! :twisted: jk but that is an awesome trigger!! Glad to hear that he is not aggressive also. Good luck with your long list of options for that thing!
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