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Sep 16, 2005
Tampa, FL
heres a couple new additions from over the weekend. of course now i have to re-aquascape :(.


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sorry for the lousy pic, its actually a toad stool. any ideas what the other is, the lfs store said monti, but im not sure which variety?
I agree, the second looks like an acro to me as well. A close-up with its polys extended would help with ID. In general, acros can be challenging to keep. They do require lots of light but with my MH fixture, you should be okay.
how can i permanently attatch the toadstool to lr? its on the piece of something, and it craked and it keeps falling over now...
do i just cut it off of what its on? im nervous bout that... cutting it would have to hurt it, wouldnt it?
Oh. Sorry, I misunderstood you the first time. Do you have to cut it off of what it's on? Can you just leave it there and epoxy whatever it's attached to? I wouldn't epoxy the coral itself, no. That wouldn't work.
yea you want to fasten the coral to a small chunk of LR then epoxy that to your reef. I use the aquarium safe marine epoxy that is green with the white core and dries white on your reef. SPS corals are not that hard to keep at all as long as you have good flow, and strong lighting with decent aquarium husbandry. I keep 3 acros in a mixed 37g sumpless system ;) Good luck.
the acro bleached out. i never did see the polyps. i have decent light, and good flow, i dont think it was alive when i bought it, to be honest. live and learn. the toadstool is doin great tho. ive found it a permanant home, so its happy, and im happy. :)
Dang, sorry. If your LFS wasn't keeping them under MH and you didn't light acclimate, that could have been a reason. Acros can be tempermental, but usually pretty hardy.
the lfs had mh lighting. i just dont think it was alive when i got it. i asked the guy if it had polyps and he told me it didnt, plus it was marked monti. i should have waited and researched tho..... my fault.
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