new corals

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Dec 22, 2003
Rosemount, MN
well just got back from the lfs and found 2 new corals for the tank. i got some shrooms and some cool new zoo all for $120. they have only been in the tank for about 3 hours so they are not all the way open yet. will post back in a few days when they are all the way open.
Nice Zoos.

Those shrooms look like some I have. Warning they may get HUGE. Some of my giant shrooms have reached diamaters of 8"+.
ya today they are at about 4" and it is only the 2nd day so they are not open yet. but i love the way they look. are they low flow to med flow and med light? or will they take just abotu any thing. the red ones i have are med-high light and med flow. and they are doing great.
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