New DIY Protein Skimmer

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What kind of air stone is that? I've been wanting to make one but I've read they don't work well without a wood airstone?
I used a replacement limewood mini airstone for a bio cube. I picked it up at Petco for $5.00.
Cool, I need one of these for my 10g qt tank. I really don't want to $50-60 on a skimmer that I can make myself. Thanks!
With the cost of the plastic, adhesive, fittings, air stone and pump it will probable cost more for you to make it then buy it and it proable won't be as efficient.
All of them I have seen are an empty plastic pop bottle. It may not be very efficient, but for a qt tank with only a few worms in it, it will probably work, it will be better than my HOB filter.
Ehh, that's way to high class for me, I'd have to use a natural ice can!
Will a can do any harm? I would think that it could rust and leech chemicals that would give undesirable results.
Yeah a can would be bad, I was just referring to the cost of vodka vs. cheap beer. I plan on using a plastic pop bottle.
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