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Aug 5, 2013
hello everyone. my name is djay and i live in georgia. i have a 50 gallon tank with a rainbow shark and a pleco not a lively tank but working on it a little at a time. plan on adding some tetras. i'm a little worried about the 2 i have in the tank now. i had a pleco that died on me from starvation because i was informed wrong on his feeding. the raninbow doesn't seem to eat and i wish he would be more lively around the tank. any advice?:thanks:

heres a pic of my tank. they both like to stat in the cave the rainbow pretty much hides behind the cave under the leaves.
thanks guy. i have not tried blood worms i will give it a try. how long does it take for a rainbow to get use to a tank? i finally saw him out and on the tank for the first tie today even when the lights are off :thanks:
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