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Feb 24, 2014
Hello to all, I'm new here and been interested in this hobby for quite some time so I'm really excited to finally get started. I've very recently acquired a 55 gallon tank (might not be best for a newbie?) but can't complain about free. So I'm wanting to do a tropical freshwater set up I do believe for my first try. Now I'm only acquiring the tank and a stand so I of course will be having to invest in all acquired equipment to get this thing going. So from here obviously any advice will be much welcomed and I have lots more research to go!
Thanks for the welcome. Got the tank all cleaned up today and ready to go. Waiting on my heater and test kit and air pump to come in... Should be Monday I can start my fishless cycle
Exciting! I'm semi new too. That's awesome that you got a FREE 55 Gallon! So jealous.

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Yep tank stand and 2 HOB filters and some other misc items. Def can't complain. Deals are out there to be had.. Just got to find them.
Welcome to the forums! You will find a ton of information here. Fishless cycle is certainly the way to go. Just make sure you have tons of patience while doing it. Not the fastest process on earth. 55gallons is better then starting with a 10 or 20. Will make gettin the water parameters correct easier for you.
Thank you! I have the tank set up and running substrate is in just need to find some ammonia and get the party started! But finding pure ammonia these days proves to be difficult!
Yeah ace didn't have it the other day and the dollar stores seem to bubble to much so I might have to try back at ace in a day or 2.
Ask if they can special order it for you. Shouldn't cost anymore than if it was on the shelf.
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