New HOB Filter with Protein Skimmer thoughts

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Feb 20, 2017
New Jersey
Have you guys seen the new Coralife marine filter with a protein skimmer attached? I think it's a pretty neat,but wonder how effective it really is. What are your thoughts on it?

Looks like junk to me. The cup seems like it would be pretty small and I doubt the pump is very strong. I wouldn't waste money on it. Skimmers are really only as good as their pump
I just bought one

I just bought one of these combo filter / skimmer online. I saw one at my LFS. we'll see how it works once it comes in.
I got mine today, But the skimmer is to load and I dont think is working well. let us know how was you'r experience when you got you'rs pls.

Will do the place I ordered it from said it won't be until next week... ugh
Finally got it! Been on for a day now. Seems to be working good so far. Had a half a cup of funk today. Was easy to take off and dump out. Did a water change today. I will say it is kinda loud but my tank is ok the den so it's not a bother. If your tank is in a space that's close to you it may be an issue
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