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Jun 3, 2012
Hi all! I'm Gavin, in Barrie, Ontario - just north of Toronto.

I just bought my first "real" tank and I'm in week 2 of a fishless cycle! Can't wait to get my first fish!

I'm looking to really get into this hobby seriously. I love the idea that I have to really understand Biology, fish species, etc. and work with my tank to keep it in great shape. It's the Pilot in me :)

Looking forward to meeting many online and becoming part of a great community!

Ouch. I'm one of the ONLY new members who got NO replies :-(
Welcome. It takes some time to get reply's some time. Just be patient. What are you settimg up freshwater or saltwater?
I'm fish-less cycling a 29 Gallon! Going fresh water and can't wait to get some FISH :-D

I posted in the freshwater -> general forum about some of the species I'm considering!

Also, I'm starting a BLOG with a CANADIAN address called "The Aquarist"

Go Canada :)
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