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Feb 5, 2015
Central, Pennsylvania

I am a new member to the site/app. I found this website due to looking up Aquarium app on my Ipad.

I have been wanting to start an aquarium about 15 years ago ever since a kid my parents would buy a 10-20 gallon aquarium and throw some gold fish into it, especially after a fair which I won the toss for gold fish. They usually all would die or one would live and it would get a special name...

10 years later I love marine life. Specifically I am a major fishermen...but my main objective in fishing is keeping marine life safe and protected for future fishermen and keeping the environment unpolluted and natural.

To me it is disgusting how things have become. The places I have fished growing up and the location I go to fish now...I love Marine Life I want to explore it and see how it interacts in its own environment.

Yes this "may" help me catch more fish "unlikely" but it is not my reason. I grew up with my parents taking me fishing all the time..vacation to me was a fishing trip growing up.

This is a learning trip for me...I am 2 weeks into a fish less cycle and I am stumped but eager to learn and am doing separate water testing, introducing a DIY co2 and different live plants. Locally I just got dwarf grass available which I clumped about 1/4 of it into 1 section then separated the other 1/2 into small very small groups and planted them.

+1 First Aquarium App to show up in search on the iPAd and also got a very solid answer for my first Starter question.
Hi and welcome :)

55 gallon elephant nose tank.
16 gallon vampire shrimp and snails
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