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Oct 26, 2020
My son (age 11) has really gotten into fish keeping. He has a 10 gallon Betta tank and we are in the process of setting him up a 60gallon. I help with feeding and maintaining, but they are his fish. Just wanting to say hi and hopefully get some great advice for his fish. ?
That is wonderful you are so supportive! Great news that you (your household) will have a roomy Betta tank and a new fish tank to build! And in less than 2 years young son will learn so much and be able to share all his knowledge when he's a member at 13!

�� We home school so this is a good thing for him to study. It is also good for him to have that responsibility. He really loves his fish so much.
Excellent! Study hard young sir. And have fun with the parts which include the fish, genetics, water chemistry and and plant keeping - ferts are a category all of their own. Action packed, valuable, exciting lessons all around!

ChristyK1101 - Don't forget to share pics! You can link a thread of your tank(s) here so we can know where it is and follow along the journey.
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