New skimmer. Optinions please

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Feb 27, 2006
Houston, TX, U.S.
So i went to the LFS this afternoon with my dad. The owner of the LFS is my dad's friend so he explained to me all these stuff about the skimmers. He doesn't have many brands of skimmers. He only has Prizm, Skilter and Corallife Needle. I asked if i should buy the Coralife one but he said it's too big for my tank and that i need a sump to use it? That doesn't sound right to me but i listened to him anyway. He's a good guy tho. He let me trade in my skilter for a Prizm skimmer. We did NOT have to pay for the skimmer yet. He said i could bring it back next week if i don't like it. So any opinion on my new skimmer? Should i return it next week and purchase something else? He said he might be able to order some other brands in if i want. My dad doesn't like ordering stuff on the internet... :(

O yea, i used to place my phosguard and AC in my skilter but now that i have a prizm, it doesn't have enuf space for me to stuff those medias in. I currently just place it right in the tank. Any suggestion of where i should place it? I don't like looking at that bag of black stuff in my tank hehe.

Thank you guys with much much love

EDITED: I would like to add that this skimmer is subjected to be returned. The LFS said just try it out and if i don't like it, i could return it anytime. I already dislike it b/c it releases micro bubbles into the tank. So my other option is getting a Coralife needle skimmer for 125G tanks. He doesn't have any smaller than that :(. Do you think i can use that skimmer on my 30G without using a sump? If not, i'll probly ask him to order some other skimmer for me later on. Thanks guys
I've heard bad things about the prizm skimmers. I would suggest trying to have them order you a coralife 65. I know you dont have to use those in a sump. I'm unsure about the 125 though. Its good to see your dad is up for getting you a new one! good luck!
i have the coralife 65 on my tank and it seems to work great for me... the 125 one is a bit bigger but is made to be either in sump or HOT. Check out this site for more info on the needle wheel coralife.

This is what i read before i got mine.. remember you can always run it HOT then when the time comes throw it in your skimmer... Also i have heard good things about the Aqua Ramora C skimmers, they are a bit more pricey, but they are also alot smaller... well good luck on whatever you decide to do... HTH!
I've been using a Prizm on my 50 gallon for going on a year now. It works ok, but you have to fool around with the adjustment knob quite a bit, especially after doing PWC's. I finally got tired of it and ordered an AquaC Remora Pro. Waiting to get that in the mail. I ordered it on eBay and got free shipping but only priority mail so haven't had a chance to test it out yet. Make a habit of cleaning the skimmer body on the Prizm regularly and it works ok though.

I have the Coralife 125 model in the sump under my 90 gallon and that works great. It's pretty big though and I don't think I would want it hanging on the outside of my tank. It will work like that if you really want to, provided that your tank is tall enough. It's about 25" tall including the collection cup and barely fit under my 90. The pump is a real monster also and would not look very good hanging inside the tank. I think it's actually larger than my return pump. The model rated for 65 gallons should be alright as a HOB.

Edit: Forgot to add - Don't worry too much about the microbubbles. It's not broken in yet and that should clear up after it is broken in and adjusted properly. That is actually one good thing that I can say about the Prizm. I never get bubbles in the tank from mine. If it were me though, I think I would try having them order you a Coralife 65. Either that or a Remora, but it will be pricey probably getting it from your LFS. It's not cheap getting it on-line :(
Thanks for the replies guys. I think i made up my mind. Next time i go to the LFS, i'll ask him to order a Coralife 65 skimmer for me. It sounds like it works great according to to various recommendations. 1 thing tho, are you sure the 65 model would work as HOB? Would the pump be too big? Thanks
i have mine HOB and it does not take up too much room... although it is much more bulky than the aqua remora c. the CSS 65 should work fine on your tank but like everyone says, get the biggest you can afford... HTH! Good luck!!
So... ur saying i should buy the 125G? 0.o I can get it if yall suggest me to b/c my dad said he's buy a good skimmer for our tank no matter how much (below 150 really lol).
welll if you can convince your dad then i would say go with the Aqua Ramora C, but if not i would say go for the CSS125, IMO
when i first started i had the prizm but that only lasted a few months because of the constant tuning you have to do..i then puchased an aqua c remora which was pretty good.
ok...jsut goin to add my2 cents....only cause i did alot of research on skimmers since they are abit pricey
I found on my research that one of the most effective PS is the Downdraft style...
thats why i jumped on the ETSS Reef Devil i saw on ebay and got it for $100
do the research and post before buys is my suggestion...the pet shops of course are goin to try to sell the most expensive but it doesnt mean its the best
if u look at all the big aquariums.....most all of them are using a down draft type PS
I just bought an AquaC Remora. This is my first skimmer so I have no experience with any other brand. But it is quieter and more efficient than I hoped. I anticipated the micro bubbles and noise during the break in period but the bubbles subsided after a day or two and I didn't even notice much additional noise.

Also, the drain feature is great. I'm sure this is true with all hang on skimmers but you need a pretty high hood to accomodate the unit. I had to cut away at my cover and it still is difficult to remove the collection cup. So having the drain is a must for me...
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