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Nov 20, 2014
Hi I'm new here so thought id tell a little about myself. I've always had a love for aquariums and fish in general. I've had just about every type of fish, except the crazy expensive ones that are difficult to care for. Right now i have 2 tanks an an outdoor pond. My pond is around 100 gallons and i have a HUGE blue gill fish in there, had him since he was 3 inches long and is now triple the size at least. He eats anything and everything, I'm thinking about moving him into my 60 gallon at some point and making it a native tank, but we'll see. My one tank is 60 gallons, my pride and joy. I wanted a nice community tank with a couple centerpiece fish so i had it stocked with 7 skirt tetras, 4 cory cats, an angelfish and red tailed shark. Unfortunately most of them ended up dying since I've been away at school, expect my blood parrot. Its a nice looking tank with a black background, natural gravel, accent rocks, and a nice piece of drift wood. I've actually been trying to convert it to a planted tank, so right now theres just a few anubis in there that seem to have taken well. My last tank is a 20 gallon tank. I tried making a nano reef out of it this past summer, but decided it was way to much work since I'm away at college so I'm going to empty the water and rocks and change it to freshwater. Probably just going to do a black sand some live plants and a few colorful fish. That about sums it up for me haha
Hi rydry, welcome to AA! I'm also a planted tank enthusiast myself. I've always wanted to try SW, but still find planted aquascaping more aligned with my taste and time I have for the hobby. Being a recent college grad, time is quite limited.. so I can relate to your story. It's interesting that you have a Bluegill in your pond. I used to catch those fishing (catch and release of course) :)
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